“Play is the highest form of Research” – Albert Einstein

SquareOne ELC offers programs for children six weeks through four years of age. Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:15 am to 5:45 pm


At SquareOne ELC, our goal is to create a community of confident, capable, lifelong learners.

We celebrate the idea that everyone has unique insights, approaches, and methods in their learning process, and believe in an emergent curriculum, in which children are active participants in their learning. Teachers listen carefully to the interest of their students and develop curriculum to support this interest. We embrace a holistic approach to education, to help children to become better communicators and to be able to express themselves well with a strong sense self, cultivating whole-person development. Children learn best when they draw connections and ideas between many different subjects. We want to create a flexible positive relationship driven learning environment based on respect, where we are a community of learners always collaborating and learning from each other.


Together we

We respect the voice and opinion of every child. We believe the role of the educator is to facilitate the exploration of each student and the role of the student is to investigate, in detail, every aspect of life and adventure.